„Unfortunately this event has had to be cancelled“

A banal sentence on a sign outside a concert hall or stadium entrance but with serious repercussions for the event organiser. We know the risks involved in the planning of a concert or sports event.
And we know precisely how to cover such an event.

Special concept for event cancellation and event liability

Big events, especially sports or music events, present considerable risks. If an event is called off, cancelled or otherwise adversely affected, the organiser is potentially faced with enormous losses. For this reason, we have developed a special concept which protects organisers from unforeseen circumstances.

Quick and easy

We are the sole provider in German-speaking countries to set up an online platform for events. Here you can ask directly online about required risks and insured sums for events. We can guarantee quotations of individual risks within 48 hours. In line with our international outlook, we can provide you with policies, renewal notices and terms and conditions in eleven different languages. In addition, different types of extended cover are automatically included. Special cases such as "political risks" can be insured and tour insurance is also possible with forward coverage guarantee of up to 365 days at guaranteed premiums.

Your insurance cover:

  • organisers' liability with unlimited insured sum
  • contingency insurance in the event of death, illness, accident, technical defects, transport delays, storm, force majeure, political risks, terror threats or orders by public authorities due to a threat of attack
  • individual insured sums without limits
  • shortfall cover

Our cover is designed specifically for you:

  • concert organisers
  • artists, bands, orchestras
  • operators of amusement arcades
  • public organisers
  • clubs
  • national and international sports associations
  • individual sportsmen and sportswomen
  • teams
  • sports promoters
  • sports event agencies
  • brand events

Insurance 1 – assuredly different

Our special concept is markedly different. The national market offers many types of insurance that are purely contingency insurance for events but only a handful of insurers underwrite the consequences caused by the cancellation of an event. These completely exclude the coverage of losses where ticket sales are too low. This is not the case with us.

We know from talking to organisers that the often very long processing times required to provide a quotation and then the documents that follow repeatedly cause annoying delays. That is why we expressly guarantee short processing times thanks to our online platform.

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