Sports events on the safe side

Insurance 1 offers the right cover for big events

Can your coverage keep pace with sporting excellence? Sports events should present a challenge and be fun. Yet time and again we experience unforeseen incidents which can bring an entire event to a standstill. In some cases, these are everyday routine occurrences:

When tension in a stadium boils over

Altercations and disturbances frequently occur – and not only at football matches – which make it necessary to call a halt to an event. Organisers are faced with payments of fines that materialise very quickly.

When technology goes on strike

Indoor cycle races or handball matches are real crowd pullers but only entertaining if the technology functions perfectly. If lighting or ventilation fail, not only are the spectators disappointed but the organiser frequently faces serious losses.

When authorities have concerns

More and more large cities are holding marathons which are attended by athletes from all over Germany and the world. To make such events more appealing, marathon star runners are tempted by the attraction of prizes and appearance money. Even a plausible threat of an attack prior to a mass event of this kind can ruin a race.

Cases like this show you whether your selected coverage can stay the course but with Insurance 1 there is no doubt that you will make the finishing line.

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