Make sure you can celebrate as you wish

Our concepts safeguard your big events

Attractive festivities and spectacular events are a part of everyday urban life. Apart from street parties and Christmas markets, this includes festivals or public viewing events. But wherever large numbers of people congregate, disturbances can easily occur and they can be costly.

When unwelcome visitors are involved

Outside events, such as Christmas markets, which are held over a longer period of time, in particular attract thieves and troublemakers. Security personnel are supposed to discourage them but they are not always successful. For example in 2009 in Mainz, the capital city of Rhineland-Palatinate, a valuable – and unique – wooden figure was broken off a ten metre high Christmas pyramid – despite the presence of security guards.

When rain falls

Public viewing events are good fun. The sense of community at certain events gives that extra kick and attracts many fans. The organisation of such events, however, involves significant effort and expense. If an event has to be called off because of rain, this is painful and costly for the responsible organisers.

When panic breaks out

The images of mass panic at the Love Parade in Duisburg will remain in many people's memories for ever. This tragedy has, however, shown what can occur when so many people come together to celebrate. For the sake of the victims alone, coverage should not fail.

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