Decision makers are especially liable

We make global protection possible

As entrepreneur, board or supervisory board member, managing director or top manager, you take far-reaching and responsible decisions. This entails risks. Even minor management errors can lead to financial losses, making it painful and costly for you or your company, and even ruinous. To cover companies against damage claims by clients, or to cover executives against claims by their employer, we recommend a D&O insurance. This takes effect in case of well-founded claims and defends unfounded claims. This managers' liability insurance is becoming increasingly important especially in view of the tightening of rules governing liability in recent years.

Coverage should not stop at borders

As international brokers, we can offer our clients D&O concepts with global protection, especially in countries such as the USA where exorbitant damage claims are the order of the day. In addition, our concept – in contrast to a lot of other solutions – also includes cross liability if a conflict of interests arises. You can, of course, agree to insured sums that far exceed those customary in German-speaking countries but are required internationally. A special policy covering criminal law issues in addition is not necessary because our concept incorporates civil and criminal proceedings.

One-eyed solutions miss the point

We also develop exclusive manager coverage which takes the interests both of the insured person and the company into account. This means that the executive's "value" to a company can be insured and the person in question is protected at the same time from any unfounded claims. This structure closes gaps in coverage which unfortunately are not unusual in German-speaking countries. 

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