The security of good advice

The right coverage prevents financial losses

If your professional work involves safeguarding third-party financial interests, you can be held responsible if financial losses are incurred. A professional liability insurance designed specifically for such cases protects companies and their employees in the event of a breach of contractually agreed due diligence requirements.

Liability insurance against financial losses is known internationally as E&O (Errors and Omissions in America) or PI (Professional Indemnity in the UK). It settles well-founded damage claims and defends unfounded claims. Such protection is imperative for a company's very existence because the assertion of financial losses can often exceed the underlying business transaction many times over.

Personal liability insurance is not enough

Financial losses are in principle included in any personal liability insurance but because major financial losses due to breach of due diligence requirements hardly ever occur in the private sector, protection is anything but generous. It is therefore not enough to cover professional risks.

Any suspicion carries a risk

There is another reason why fidelity insurance is of incalculable importance to professions that have to meet asset-related due diligence requirements such as lawyers, notaries public, stockbrokers and auditors: even an alleged offence can lead to compensation payments and endanger the professional career of the person concerned. Insurance 1 gives you immunity: with our international solutions you – and your clients – are on the safe side.

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