The breakthrough is imminent...

New technologies take time to win recognition. Time that financial institutions no longer readily concede. When conventional financing sources become restricted, our bond solutions open the door to the future.
Almost anything can be financed but not by banks.

Replace classic funding by insurance solutions

A company that does not evolve has no future. The development of new technologies and their application are therefore the core tasks of any forward-looking company. Since high technology is generally capital-intensive, intelligent funding and coverage is necessary – no easy task in German-speaking countries where approaches towards funding are essentially classic and bank-supported.

Insurance 1 is the right partner for you because we have the relevant expertise to provide you with alternative funding models with bonds. This allows us to ease funding gaps with an insurance cover and surmount frequent funding obstacles that result not least from more restrictive lending rules. The advantages of these, for English-speaking countries, traditional solutions with surety, warranty, advanced payment, completement or performance bonds are still little known and applied in German-speaking countries. They are, however, of quite vital importance particularly for start-ups with innovative ideas and products because such companies all too often have to face three typical problems.

Funding made easy

German-speaking countries are markedly anti-innovative, at least when it comes to funding. Banks generally see new ideas and products as "incalculable" and therefore not eligible for funding. Insurance 1 can open up international insurance-based funding channels without banks and their restrictive business policies.

Global product liability

To get liability insurance for new, less well known products that also applies worldwide is virtually impossible in German-speaking countries. Insurance 1 makes it possible, in countries known for their high damage claims as well, like the USA and Canada.

Transport operations without risk

Sending valuable equipment to distant countries is not without danger. This is attested not least by the increasing piracy in African and Asian seas. Insurance 1 will therefore develop for you individual all-risk coverage for global transport operations.

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