Ensure your growth

We can find an individual solution to any problem

Modern information technologies are a growth market but sometimes start-ups cannot stay abreast of growing funding needs. Such cases need innovative ideas to transform individual problems into a custom-tailored solution.

Coverage of corporate projects

In our specific example, the capital structure of a software start-up company could not keep up with its own growth. The small company's success was tremendous, the demand generated so big that it was no longer possible to set aside funds for new projects. Recourse to banks, customary in such cases, proved unsuccessful: the financial institutions were not willing to extend their commitment. A potential capital increase did not meet company needs because of the length of time involved. In such a situation, not only further company growth but also the whole future of the company was hanging in the balance. Our objective was to develop an insurance concept for our client which would provide the basis for sustainable growth.

The solution

In twelve months, Insurance 1 had developed a customised cover concept based on three risk pillars and concluded it with insurers. The lack of bank funding was replaced by a combination of different types of contingency insurance. The fact that we were able to provide three to four times the actual balance sheet total as cover was particularly gratifying for the company.

Security in planning new products

We also gained a partner who provided all-risk cover for the development stage. This gave the client the assurance as early as the planning stage that it would get insurance cover at guaranteed premiums. Nasty surprises such as unexpected high costs are therefore excluded. Our start-up company has the capacity today of a major concern.

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