We never run out of ideas

When all inhouse options have been exhausted, brokers and agents work with appropriate tied agencies to meet their client's requirements. Our international coverage and funding strategy makes us an interesting contact partner.
We can solve those tough problems that your premium partner will not touch.

Holistic advice is the key

As brokers we know what it means to be actively working on behalf of your clients, as well as the challenges and risks this splendid profession can conceal. It is not unusual for our clients to expect us quite simply to do the impossible. And that is why we are specialists in special tied agencies for consulting professions so that they can meet unusual requirements beyond their core expertise. Insurance 1 offers financial services companies – like agents and brokers – special coverage concepts which are not actually available in German-speaking countries.

Competence without limitation

As international specialists in personal injury, damage to property and liability insurance solutions, we have access to the insurance market of Lloyd's of London. This means we are not subject to the restrictions on national markets and enables us to design, for example, integrated coverage for damages due to breach of trust and financial losses which will offer you genuine security without limitation.

The necessary protection

International coverage of the highest level is no longer a luxury because standard solutions available at national level cannot cover individual risks. The situation is different at international level where know-how and great freedom for development meet. The downside is the need to comply with differing rules of law and definitions which discourage many from benefiting from the advantages on offer. For this reason, Insurance 1 has both aspects under control, and the result is broad-based insurance without limits. Anything less can threaten a company's very existence.

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