Profitable risk management
in a modern world

Our expertise has developed from experience and supporting our clients over many years. We are today closely linked with partners at national and international level without whom security in innovative and creative sectors is impossible.
We will help you get ahead.

Insurance 1 insures ideas and projects that nobody else understands

You are not just one of many. Your coverage and financing requirements go beyond the bounds of "normal" solutions. At Insurance 1, we first listen to you because we want to understand your needs, describe the risks, calculate and offer you a one-stop solution. This is precisely where we differ from many of our competitors. As international brokers, we do not offer ready-made solutions but only individual financing and coverage concepts which are precisely custom-tailored to your needs.

Cover concepts that really fit

Tailored insurance cover is indispensable for cross-border activities because the risk situations of companies in the same business sector can differ significantly depending on the place of delivery, contract partners, and how many countries and laws are involved. This applies, of course, not only to global financial institutions but to any international artist, major event or innovation leader in business. These are the clients we want to assist.

The right solutions for a global market

National solutions have a national impact. Our experience shows that country specific coverage and financing tools very rarely offer adequately profound elements that are internationally sustainable. Nevertheless companies and entrepreneurs operating across borders these days need promises made on a global basis. There is no question that modern risk management has to apply worldwide. Insurance 1 can cover you worldwide on the international market cover as well as offer you sound national and European solutions.

You can trust us

Our experienced, certified experts are available to give you personal advice, to examine your risk situation and coordinate individual conditions. These same experts are your contact partners in the event of a claim and cooperate on the release of the insurer's adjustment payments. This creates long lasting relationships between insurer and client based on trust.

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